Court Conan Visser
Court Conan Visser

Charity founder-turned pornographer accused of scam

CHILDREN'S charity founder-turned pornographer and domestic violence offender Conan Visser is facing a fresh legal battle over an alleged lottery scam.

Visser will front court in April following an investigation by the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation over claims his charity sold raffle tickets for a luxury car that was never delivered.

The domestic violence offender has claimed to be winding up his anti-bullying charity, I Can I Will, which once drew the endorsement of celebrities like Tammy Hembrow and Jeff Horn.

Instead, he plans to help people via a "social entity", using money from an OnlyFans account he is using to post porn videos.

The Courier-Mail revealed in October that Visser was being investigated by the OLGR over a failed car lottery that was supposed to have raised money for the charity.

Tickets were sold at $40 each, with the major prize being a vinyl-wrapped Audi A7 supplied by a Brisbane car revamping company.

Conan Visser outside court.
Conan Visser outside court.

According to a statement posted by the car company, the car was to be paid for through ticket sales, with the profit going to I Can I Will.

But the car company withdrew from the raffle, saying it had become "increasingly evident that Conan's practices were not aligned with what was promised".

"We have provided evidence of what occurred to the OLGR and understand that Conan Visser is being investigated," the company said at the time.

When contacted by The Courier-Mail, a person using the I Can I Will email account - who denied they were Visser - said those who purchased tickets would be refunded "within three months maximum".

A recent annual information statement for I Can I will said the charity had one employee.

"The money was deposited into an account held by I Can I Will and ALL the costs of the raffle came out of that account … (raffles are expensive to run)," the email said.


Conan Visser.
Conan Visser.

A statement from the OLGR said the charity, of which Visser is the director, is facing four charges.

"During 2020, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation investigated complaints received about raffles conducted by I Can I Will Limited, an organisation for which Mr Conan Visser is a director," the statement said.

"Following the completion of these investigations, I Can I Will is to appear before the Cleveland Magistrates Court … in relation to four charges brought by OLGR under the Charitable and Non-Profit Gaming Act 1999."

The charity is facing two counts of failing to comply with the rules of a game and two counts of issuing a ticket for a game which did not include the information prescribed.

In a video posted on his Instagram on February 27, Visser, who continues to tout himself as an anti-bullying advocate, appears to be urinating on an item of clothing featuring the car company's logo.

"Time to glove up kid," he wrote, referring to the owner of the company. "Settle it in the ring, proceeds pay back ticket holders of the raffle you bitched out of."

Originally published as Charity founder-turned pornographer accused of scam

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