Minister's daughter in court

Minister's daughter to begin rehab

THE daughter of Child Safety Minister Tracy Davis is about to begin a six-month live-in rehabilitation program after having an overdose in the government's Executive Building last month.

Alexandra Davis, 20, faced Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday morning after she was found with methamphetamines tucked into her bra and cannabis in her bag while she was being treated at Royal Brisbane Hospital.

She was taken by ambulance from the Premier's Executive Building in George St in Brisbane on July 12.

Her mother is Child Safety Minister Tracy Davis.

There since has been questions over family members being handed jobs in the Newman government.

Sergeant Trevor Perry said police also found a straw used to scoop methamphetamine and a rolled up $5 note which had been used to snort the drug in Davis's bag.

Solicitor Michael McMillan said his client had declined drug diversion because she would start an intensive program on Tuesday.

He described his client as an articulate, intelligent and educated woman who was now suffering significant public scrutiny.

But he said "she comes from a loving and supporting family" who would continue to help her during her rehabilitation.

Magistrate Allan Taylor put Davis on a six-month good behaviour bond.

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