Noosa Heads may be a hideaway for those flouting stay away edicts.
Noosa Heads may be a hideaway for those flouting stay away edicts.

Claims Noosa holiday ‘sinners’ are in our midst

THERE may well be Noosa holiday stay “sinners” in our midst right now ignoring the fact they might have brought along coronavirus as unwanted house guests ready to spread out locally.

We have received an unconfirmed report from a Noosa Heads resident of holiday house owners defying the strict government ban on spending the Easter break away.

SB of Noosa Heads contacted the Noosa News to anonymously warn they had seen more than five families, believed to be Bisbane-based, move into their holiday homes.

We have emailed SB to make contact, but as yet he or she has not replied.

The concern is clear though and the situation disturbing if true: “Their children have been roaming local streets and gathering with local neighbouring kids in local parks in groups ignoring council closure signs while tearing off warning signs on playground equipment.

“We have seen many of them in our local supermarket with 2-3 trolleys full or groceries stock piling,” SB said.

“Another holiday home owner, went into isolation after they returned from overseas.

“They drove up from Brisbane, (after) arriving at Brisbane airport and deciding to isolate here.”

SB fears locals in Noosa will be left to deal with a possible coronavirus spike once these holiday-makers head home.

This comes as Tourism Noosa issued a warning to all holiday lettings and short-stay homeowners not to disregard the strict no holiday stay warning from authorities determined to avoid further outbreaks.

“We cannot make the message clearer for now – for visitors, please don’t visit Noosa and for our operators, do the right thing and don’t take bookings now until this situation is over,” Tourism Noosa CEO Melanie Anderson said.

At least one holiday rental appears to have ignored this acording to a post sent to us about backpackers advertising a cheap stay in Noosa with the comment: “I guess the backpackers don’t have any regard for our social distancing rules”.

This is supposed to be a Noosa North Shore rental property and a mobile contact was supplied for enquiries. Calls however are going straight through to message bank.

The post reads: “Join our group of 4-6 backpackers who live in a rented house in Noosa, completely surrounded by nature,” the post reads.

“We rented the house until April 28 and still have about 4-6 beds free, depending on how many of us are leaving this week.

“It’s half an hour’s walk to the sea and 5 minutes by car.

“Rent for one week is $100. If the beds are all taken you could always come with your own mattress since we have a lot of space (cheaper rent of course).”

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