EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT: The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol is coming to Noosa Museum.
EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESENT: The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol is coming to Noosa Museum. Dan Ryan

Classic Christmas tales meet radio

A SPECIAL Christmas treat is coming to Pomona this Saturday and set to take you back in time.

Gold Coast theatre director Nathan Schulz is making waves - radio waves that is - and is returning to the Noosa Museum with a back to the future style show that celebrates one of our grandparent's favourite entertainments with The Radioplay Hour.

"Listening to a radioplay is a 'retro audio experience' which aims to transport audiences to an age when radio was the heart of family life,” he said.

"In this case, the actors perform the original radioplay scripts in front of a live audience, creating all the sound effects live.”

Before the show kicks off, you will have the chance to tour the new exhibits at the Noosa Museum before Nathan and team perform Charles Dickens most famous ghost story A Christmas Carol.

Schulz, who first began presenting this style of entertainment with the infamous radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and A Christmas Carol in 2016, said audience can savour the radio plays in two ways.

"They can sit in front of our radio, which is on stage in front of the players, imagining they are in their living rooms back in the 1930s or '40s or watch the director, performers and sound effects team buzzing around in the studio, basically it is an audio book performed live” Mr Schulz said.

"So now under the Drama Merchant's Imaginasium brand, my cast aims to present and work with the Noosa Museum, in creating a unique Christmas experience in front of a radio, instead of a T.V., phone or iPad.”

The Radioplay Hour: A Christmas Carol will be performed at Noosa Museum Saturday, December 15 at 2pm and 6pm.

To book tickets go to www.thedramamerchant.

com.au and click on The Radioplay Hour or call 0412263281.

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