Bernadette, Richard, Pete
Bernadette, Richard, Pete

Clever cockatoo talks her way home

A WOMAN realised a cockatoo foraging on her farm at Peregian Beach was a little different to other native birds when it said 'hello' back.

The cockatoo was in fact Pete, Bernadette Gill's pet of 30 years, and had been missing for almost two weeks.

"Pete arrived on the 23rd of August. Alexi was out collecting eggs for her stall when she noticed a cockatoo on the grass near the pool shed," Bernadette said.

"Alexi went over to photograph the bird and said "hello beautiful bird" and the bird replied "hello" and then started walking over to her.

"While Alexi was still in a state of shock the bird flew on to her shoulder."

Alexi handed Pete to Richard, who also works on the farm, but Pete flew away shortly after.

"The next day an employee of the farm Mike brought in a copy of the Noosa News, (with a story) about a lost cockatoo," Bernadette said.

"With this news Richard promptly contacted me to inform me of the sighting and said that he would keep an eye out for her to see if she would return.

"I told Richard that Pete would not bite and was harmless and to just gently pick her up by the feet if she turned up again and then to contact me.

"The next Wednesday Alexi was out collecting eggs again and low and behold there was Pete again on the lawn near the pool shed.

"She promptly picked her up and called Richard to contact me.

"Meanwhile, Mum, that's me, had just finished doing up more signs to go out on the trees on Murdering Creek Rd to let everyone in the area know about Pete and her disappearance.

"I quickly hopped into my car and raced over there breaking all speed limits.

"Alexi said 'Are you the cockatoo lady?', I said 'Yes that's me'. Alexi took me through to where Pete was... I picked her up and gave her a big cockatoo kiss and cuddle."

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