REMARKABLE: Naomi Moore, 11, has taken out the Tewantin-Noosa Ladies Club Championship.
REMARKABLE: Naomi Moore, 11, has taken out the Tewantin-Noosa Ladies Club Championship. Warren Lynam

Only 11 years old and already champion of the club!

WHEN Naomi Moore had her seventh birthday, dad Alex asked if she wanted to go ten-pin bowling or to the local par-three for a hit.

Having chosen the latter, she has since rapidly emerged as one of the most promising golfers the Sunshine Coast has seen.

Now 11, the Noosa Heads young gun had already claimed a swag of wins before her stunning victory at the Tewantin-Noosa Ladies Club Championships last month really caught the attention of pundits.

She took four days off school for the tournament and shot a composed final-round of 11-over 83 to win by a staggering three shots.

It is believed she is the youngest club champion ever on the Sunshine Coast.

"She just doesn't seem to get flustered under pressure," Alex said.

"When we go and out and practise in the afternoons, I tend to heap it on her and she just eats it up.

"And when she gets into a competition, she hates to lose."

It is this enthusiasm and will to win that have propelled her to a handicap of 13.

A booming drive of 220m has also helped the tall youngster, who wants to be a scratch golfer and then see where it takes her.

Her sisters Sunday, 8, and Coco, 4, also have a passion for the game.

"You should see Coco swing," Alex said. "It's pretty impressive."

"She's amazing. She can read a golf magazine from cover to cover. She knows all of the golfers.

"And she can be skipping down the fairway and will turn around and say, 'I love golf'. It just warms the heart."

Alex, a driver at Buslink, takes the three girls, via bus, to the Noosa Par 3 course most afternoons after school.

As a nine-year-old, Naomi won a nine-hole competition there on the Sunshine Coast junior circuit, the Invincibles Tour, when she hit 62 off the stick and had just 24 putts for the day.

Among the golfers she trouble that day was Christian Butterworth, 12, who recently placed third at the Future Champions Golf World Championships in California.



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