Red salvia, which attracts birds, bees and other beneficial insects.
Red salvia, which attracts birds, bees and other beneficial insects. HuyThoai

Colour your world with some vibrant, easy-to-grow salvias

Salvias are fantastic low maintenance, dry tolerant plants that bring rich floral colour to both modern and cottage style gardens.

The flowers, which come in a beautiful range of colours, including soft lilac, deepest purple, magenta, pink and crisp white, attract birds, bees and other beneficial insects.

Plant Growers Australia has introduced two new fabulous salvias into their Heatwave range, Salvia Heatwave Flash and Salvia Heatwave Inferno.

Salvia Heatwave Flash has soft lemon flowers and Salvia Heatwave Inferno has vibrant red flowers. Both these salvias have aromatic foliage, grow to a compact 70cm tall and 1m wide and can be grown in a sunny garden bed or in large pots. They produce masses of flowers during the warmer months.

When planting these gorgeous salvias into a garden bed, enrich the soil first with some Dynamic Lifter. When planted into a pot, use a good quality potting mix.

Once the plants are established, feed each week with a potassium-rich plant food to promote lots of flowers.

Keep young plants well-watered but once they're established they'll be dry as well as frost tolerant. Prune these salvias back after the main flowering flush to help promote further flowering and a tidier habit.

Look out for snakes

Look out for snakes

Snake season is about to spring into action

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