David Stuart

WORKPLACE MATTERS: We should rally behind undersea cable

THE Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland this week voiced its strong support for an Undersea Cable to be connected to the Sunshine Coast.

CCIQ has joined with a number of local chambers in the region to lobby the newly appointment Federal Minister for Communications Mitch Fifield, and Assistant Minister for Innovation Wyatt Roy to take the next step to secure the development and delivery of an international undersea cable connecting to the Sunshine Coast.

CCIQ believes an undersea cable connecting broadband to the Sunshine Coast is a key infrastructure initiative of the Sunshine Coast region, that will bring growth, jobs, and confidence.

As it stands, an application has been lodged with the Australian Communications and Media Authority by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council for the Federal Government to declare an Undersea Cable Protection Zone.

CCIQ believes a declaration of the zone will send a strong message to private sector investors that an international undersea broadband cable connection leading to the Sunshine Coast would be a sound and profitable investment for the Sunshine Coast region.

If the Cable Protection Zone is granted and the cable is delivered, the Sunshine Coast will be the only regional centre in Australia able to offer direct international broadband connectivity to global markets.

As the collective strategic direction of the Sunshine Coast business community is to define the Sunshine Coast as the hub of the emerging knowledge economy in Australia, CCIQ believes infrastructure of this kind will greatly assist in achieving this ambition.

A declaration will invariably increase the attractiveness of the Sunshine Coast to new start-up businesses and will provide milli-seconds of advantage, as well as significantly improve speed and bandwidth to and from Queensland.

Businesses located near the cable landing point will achieve significant commercial advantage, and the greater speed and bandwidth will transform the capacity of the university hospital to undertake remote diagnostics and clinical treatments.

CCIQ is committed to working constructively with the Turnbull government to address the many challenges confronting small and medium businesses in Queensland, particularly with respect to the delivery of vital information and communications technology infrastructure.

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