DIGITAL DAWN: Cooroy Library is an amazing space for Hannah Crosby.
DIGITAL DAWN: Cooroy Library is an amazing space for Hannah Crosby. Peter Gardiner

Cooroy is boldly going digital with creative space

THIS is Noosa's real world take on Steven Spielberg's future flick Ready Player One as Cooroy Library slips into virtual reality mode with its new Makerspace digital core centre.

Provided largely by State Library funding, this creative space is already attracting the brightly burning young talents of 3D modeller Hannah Crosby and virtual reality artists Matt Godden.

Friday's ribbon cutting of the Cooroy Library Makerspace by State librarian Vicki McDonald with Mayor Tony Wellington and councillors came with a message from Noosa MP Sandy Bolton: "Welcome to the future”.

Ms Bolton said this makerspace area was just "the start of so much more” for creative people of all ages to get together and have the tools and help to "nut out” digital projects.

"I am so excited, I think everyone should be excited because what we have right here is the start of resolving our greatest concerns.

"This is an amazing moment and one that we will look back on and say this was the catalyst, the incubator,” she said.

Ms McDonald said the State Library's main aim was about helping "create spaces where people gather, innovate and test ideas” and certainly "a lot of that's going to be happening here in Noosa Library”.

Ms Crosby will be teaching locals the art of 3D modelling with solid real world outcomes thanks to a 3D printer.

This is the sort of skills she used when working for the Gold Coast-filmed blockbuster Aquaman.

"I was doing the sort of thing I'll be teaching here, 3D modelling for rapid prototyping.

"Aquaman has fish people in it and they wanted to make fins that would come out of people's arms,” Hannah said.

"I'm actually working on a project at the moment for a woman over in London. I'm making a character an AR mobile phone game and working here and sending it over to London.

She said she had been based in Brisbane for "quite a few years” working as a 3D artist in video games.

"It helped me to show people where you can go with this sort of thing. This will be a reasonably basic entry level program.”

Ms Crosby said it was exciting to be working in Cooroy in such an amazing venue.

"With all the new technology like 3D printing what you can show people is you can create something digitally. You can visualise it, you can get a concept and then into a model and then you make it into a real object. It's not just a pretty picture on the screen.”

Cr Wellington said the makerspace was part of his council's push to embrace new technology that was also on show down at the Peregian Beach Digital Hub.

"The makerspace here will also give people an opportunity to sample the new digital technologies without actually having to pay for the technology, and maybe inspire them also to broaden their business career interests,” he said.

"We had a digital display recently in the chambers and I met a chap there who is actually running CGI computer graphic courses for people in the film industry in Australia and America. And he's doing it from here in Noosa.”

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