ANONYMOUS ART: Derby Cross duo have taken to setting up unusual art installations around Cotton Tree.
ANONYMOUS ART: Derby Cross duo have taken to setting up unusual art installations around Cotton Tree. Contributed

Cotton Tree's art attack explained

IF YOU'VE been wandering around Cotton Tree or Alex Forest, you may have noticed the presence of painted leaves set up as art installations dotted around the place.

These peculiar pieces are not some bizarre form of graffiti, but rather consciously designed and strategically placed artworks created by an anonymous artistic pair known as Derby Cross.

The male-female duo, who only identified themselves as Dee and Vee, said their goal was to make people stop and notice beauty in their everyday environment.

"The idea is that we create something we enjoy, something that people like seeing, and engage with a place we adore,” Vee said.

"It fulfils in us that need to create, and we love that people are loving it.

"We just want to create something whimsical and quirky, and create a moment in a day where people smile or just be present.”

As part of the project, Derby Cross set up a Facebook page to promote their mysterious art pieces and receive feedback on how the public is reacting to the unusual installations.

While the page has so far only attracted a handful of likes, comments lefts on posts of new pieces or works in progress have all been positive.

One admirer, Awimba Wei, left this comment underneath a photo of one piece, "Beautiful interruption to my evening. Thank you.”

Dee and Vee both said they were honoured to have received this kind of response.

"For us, that was perfect,” Dee said.

"Realistically though, we would do this regardless of whether people paid attention to it.”

Both artists, who would not reveal their day jobs in an interview, said they accept their current condition of anonymity wouldn't last forever but wanted to keep the mystery going for as long as possible.

"It gives people the opportunity to look at the art and not have personalities get in the way,” Dee said.

Vee said she quite liked the fact that an artwork could just appear in the community overnight.

To check out the pair's installations, search Derby Cross on Facebook.

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