Wavesense Principal Ross Phillips (front ) and instructors Tim Mitchell and James Howard-Clarke are in dispute with council over permits.
Wavesense Principal Ross Phillips (front ) and instructors Tim Mitchell and James Howard-Clarke are in dispute with council over permits. Geoff Potter

Council bungles 'tender process'

NOOSA Chamber of Commerce president Carl Beck has lashed out at the bureaucratic bungling for a disastrous public land commercial use tendering system, which continues to confound and anger some permit bidders.

Mr Beck’s attack on the council process has come after watching some long-standing successful businesses miss out and one surf school awarded a beach permit only to have it withdrawn after council extended the old permits until 2013.

But the final catalyst for his calling for an immediate fix to the flawed system was council’s withdrawal of an ice-cream and refreshments vending business permit at Noosa Spit.

A mobile van has been operated at this site for years, but when the successful business tender pulled out, the existing stop-gap operation by the Caroline and David Draper was not given the chance to re-tender.

Mr Beck is furious over a number of mistakes made throughout the drawn-out saga.

“How many chances do you get at getting it right before you get a kick up the backside?” Mr Beck said.

“In the business world the answer is not many, but if you are a bureaucrat in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council it would seem other rules apply.

“The whole tendering process and everything else that has happened since, has not been thought through at all – it should be scrapped and done again properly – now, not in 2013.”

Mr Beck said the bureaucrats involved should be taken to task over the way they have handled “this whole sorry affair”.

“Is no one prepared to take responsibility,” he said.

“Is it some game they are playing with peoples lives?

“There have been too many mistakes affecting too many good people who have been part of Noosa business for a long time for this issue to be swept under the carpet.”

Mr Beck said the tendering process is not a remote academic exercise, but involved people’s hopes, aspirations and hard work.

He said in some cases significant personal savings had been lost by the business people involved.

“Everybody makes mistakes, the question is how can this debacle be made right,” Mr Beck said.

“Let’s see some talent and common sense from the SCRC administration.”

Local councillor Russell Green said he had been disappointed by the way the tendering process had been handled and was keenly aware of the effect it was having on people’s lives.

He said he was in the process of trying to do something about the situation.

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