NO DEAL: An artist's view of the proposed redevelopment just refused for Peregian's old corner store block.
NO DEAL: An artist's view of the proposed redevelopment just refused for Peregian's old corner store block. Contributed

Council refuses to buy bulk plan for Peregian development

PLANS to turn the old Peregian Beach corner convenience store into a dining, retail and office complex with rooftop entertainment is too over the top for councillors.

At a special meeting on Wednesday, council backed a staff recommendation to refuse the Andema Pty Ltd application for the old store across the road from the surf club.

This has been sitting idle after the opening of the new IGA shopping centre off David Low Way.

Council planners have outlined their objections in a report to council:

"The proposed development exceeds the required two storeys and eight metres in height and consists of a rooftop terrace which is to be used in conjunction with the entertainment and dining business,” a report to the council stated.

"Whilst acknowledging that there is an existing approval which permits redevelopment of the site, the proposed height and built form of the current application is not consistent with surrounding development and the informal character of the Peregian Beach village.”

The report said the application would result in a building bulk not in keeping with Peregian.

"The proposed development will visually dominate the street, adjacent properties, surrounding spaces and the existing skyline. In addition, the proposed use areas result in a requirement for additional car parking which has not been provided.”

The proposed rooftop dining was to be daily from 7am-9pm with the ground floor restaurant taking up 70sqm, including 16sqm of external dining.

A previous Sunshine Coast Council 2012 approval restricted the rooftop terrace for the use of tenants only.

"A condition of approval was included specifically prohibiting the use of the terrace for any restaurant or shop use.”

Mayor Tony Wellington said he was "not sure the development approval would have breezed through under a new Noosa Council”.

"There are some issues in regard to the sort of bulk and block-type nature of the design that is not necessarily pleasing to the eye,” he said.

He said the sought approval changes were "not necessarily improving it” and noted the top deck dining was proposed to not have any roof cover.

The mayor said this could see the council in dispute over possible roof cover additions that would increase the building height further.

"I'm pleased that the staff and council appear to be in synch in regards to our intentions for the area.”

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