Council watching will be fun for the next four years



Time to get back to basics. It is going to be very interesting watching the new Noosa Council over the next four years, as already it seems there is a clear division between the old established guard: Wilkie, Jurisevic and Stockwell and the new female councillors Lorensten, Finzell and Mayor Clare Stewart. This leaves the other new councillor, Tom Wegener holding the balance of power.

The old guard realised very quickly how vital, Wegener's vote is, and strategically had him appointed as council representative to the Noosa biosphere reserve foundation board.


Noosa Council CEO Brett de Chastel left with Mayor Clare Stewart
Noosa Council CEO Brett de Chastel left with Mayor Clare Stewart

A very smart move that is already paying off, with Wegener recently claiming that Brian Stockwell is the 'master of the environment' and is following his recommendations.

Let's hope that Wegener becomes his own man again soon and remembers he was voted in as an independent candidate.

I hope this new council will change its previous priorities and stop wasting money on poorly researched and unnecessary projects such as 'bring back the fish', and the $5 million Cooroy park.

I hope they concentrate mainly on helping the many businesses in the tourism and hospitality industries who are struggling due to COVID-19 restrictions.

And hopefully allocating much needed funds towards restoration and repairs of failing infrastructure and a huge back lock of capital works, especially in the hinterland.

Dom Massoni




Words are thoughts, intentions and emotions manifested as energy. They create sound waves and a frequency that people perceive through hearing, feeling and intuition.

Sometimes the meaning is lost or misconstrued when words are carelessly used or the receiver of the message does not understand the author's intent or purpose.

Words can really hurt. They can be used as weapons to destroy hopes, dreams and ambitions. The world has many critics who use words to tear people down.

Conversely, words can build people up. Words heal. Words can foster hope, dreams and ambitions if they are consciously chosen, impregnated with thoughtful intentions and energy.

In some instances, a lack of words or a silence, (and the meaning implied by this) is deafening. Never underestimate the power of words.

Brigid Muir




To link the new laws set to pass Queensland state parliament which will make using a mobile phone while driving, and not wearing a seat belt "camera detected offences" with a fine of $1000, as blatant revenue raising just shows how those with opposite political views to our current State Goverment have in regard to one of the most blatant selfish and disrespectful regard for lives lost on our roads.

Ernest Wright

Sunrise Beach



Jobson Groethe has spawned many off spring - Seeker, Keeper, Maker, Trainer but his favourite is Jobs Forthaboys. How good's that?

Margaret Wilkie

Peregian Beach


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