Council’s seawall to save park

A PROTECTIVE, buried seawall will be built to protect the Maroochydore Beach Holiday Park as a "last resort" after extreme weather.

But the area in front of the State Government-owned Alexandra Pde will miss out because the state will not contribute.

This means the Alexandra Headland Surf Club will be unprotected.

The Sunshine Coast Council has approved the seawall in front of the council-owned property to protect its capital-generating asset.

But Councillor Jason O'Pray warned if conditions deteriorated enough for the work to be needed, Maroochydore Beach would have no more white sand and would be stripped away to exposed coffee rock and the seawall.

The council would have to undertake sand replenishment in order to host future events like the 2016 Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles.

"There will be no beach, no grassed areas there if this situation arises," Cr O'Pray said.

But a cost analysis showed the benefits of saving caravan parks outweighed the cost of building the seawall.

It would be built only as a "last resort" once heavy weather had eroded the beachfront to a critical point of 15 metres.

But Cr O'Pray pointed out that the last severe weather event two years ago eroded the area to about 22 metres, meaning the critical gap was "only seven metres away".

While the seawall remained a "last resort" action, the council had programmed $5.9 million over five years into its capital works budget.

Councillors also agreed to officers' recommendations to only fund protecting its own infrastructure and leave Alexandra Pde.

Cr Greg Rogerson said the council should investigate building a rockwall towards Pincushion Island, to protect areas around Cotton Tree.

Council officers said this had been looked at, but the advice was the measures in place, including groynes and geo bags, were effective.

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