'I kicked him in the groin'

A YOUNG girl has told an Ipswich court how she fought off an alleged abductor by kicking him in the groin – a move she learnt watching crime show CSI.

It is alleged Albert Lynch, 50, tried to force the Year 8 student into his car as she was jogging along Old Ipswich Rd at Redbank on June 8 last year.

In a recorded interview with police, the girl, then aged 13, said her alleged ordeal began when a red car drove up beside her and the driver put down the window and asked if she needed a lift.

The hour-long interview was replayed to a jury of six women and six men during the Ipswich District Court trial yesterday.

“He asked me if I wanted a lift and I said no thank-you,” the girl said. “He asked me if I was sure and I said I was positive.

“Then he got out and went around the front of the car and opened the front passenger door.”

It is alleged Lynch then grabbed the girl by her left arm and tried to force her into the car.

She told police she started pulling away and shouting for him to let her go.

“I watch CSI and I knew I just had to go for the groin,” she said.

“I used my right knee to kick him in the groin but he didn't let go so I used my right hand to punch him in the stomach.”

After dealing her third blow to the chest, the girl turned back towards the direction of her home and ran.

It is alleged Lynch ran after her for part of the way.

“I saw him stumble at the end of the footpath and finally he got puffed and I outran him,” the girl said.

“I knew if he really wanted to get me he'd come back. Then I saw a car drive by that fits the description and saw the number plate.”

Lynch, of Ipswich, has pleaded not guilty to attempted child stealing.

The trial, before Judge Gregory Koppenol, continues.

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