APP MAGIC: Peregian Digital Hub director Chris Boden waves his smart phone to make this mural
APP MAGIC: Peregian Digital Hub director Chris Boden waves his smart phone to make this mural "come alive". Peter Gardiner

Creating space for hub of ideas with $2.5m in federal funds

A WALL comes to life with "augmented reality” at the simple wave of a smart phone at the Peregian Beach Digital Hub.

And one day this new technology may be used to forensically help solve crimes.

With new tech tenants moving into the mega trendy Noosa Council facility, Mayor Tony Wellington also welcomed the $2.5million support from the Building Better Regions Fund infrastructure projects stream to take this innovation to the next level.

The mayor said it would allow his council to embark on the final stage of council's Rufous St project.

"With the Federal Government's generous contribution, we can now build a new community house on the site of the old Peregian Beach Bowls Club building and then expand the digital hub into the old community house,” Cr Wellington said.

"The funding will enable us to renovate the old building and construct an additional 80sqm extension.

"This will mean that we can expand the number of people working at the hub from 60 to 100. We've got a number of key players

"There's going to be some anchor tenants, some existing business that are moving in, as well as people who are operating individually and trying to grow their businesses.”

The mayor said this would support Peregian's tech savvy business people like Ben Duncan from Atmail, who established himself and "has shown the way”.

"It's been the guiding beacon to what is this new fantastic project that now is going to enjoy federal funding,” Cr Wellington said.

"These businesses are all built around modern technology. The mural behind me for example actually comes to life if you hold your phone with the right app up to it.

"It's all of these modern innovations in technology that we know are going to provide benefit for not only our our community but the whole planet into the future.

"Because this is the future of the world that we're building on here,” he said.

Hub director Chris Boden said the federal boost would increase the footprint of the facility and allow greater co-location, collaboration and access to world class facilities.

"One of the hub's entrepreneurs is working on a really exciting service like using augmented reality to help with things like forensic investigations as well as, of course, marketing activations,” Mr Boden said.

He said digital creatives were looking to develop the "3D web”, while others were making crypto currencies more readily accessible.

Member for Wide Bay Llew O'Brien said this project "is a stand out, it absolutely hits the mark in so many ways”.

"Noosa Council have done exactly what they had to do, which is identify the best opportunities which suite this area,” Mr O'Brien said.

"They've listened to the business community, they've listened to the constituency.

"The hub itself here will be a driver of innovation, it will be a driver of employment and it absolutely suits the local area of Peregian.”

Mr O'Brien said the digital footprint fitted the environmentally friendly community.

"You just can't throw a factory or a big industrial project in a place like this because of the nature of the local geography, because of the nature of the local culture.”

He said this was a space where digital entrepreneurs could share ideas.

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