Criminals come out to fill their stockings

HOLIDAY DANGER: Criminals are active during Christmas holidays.
HOLIDAY DANGER: Criminals are active during Christmas holidays. BrianAJackson

'TIS THE season to be cautious!

Insurance premiums are at a premium to cover unsuspecting owners for imminent or perceived dangers around the holiday season in particular.

With many away and places vacant, it is a calling card for burglars keen on an early Christmas.

An ounce of prevention isn't always the answer.

Your postcode has a lot to do with insurance premiums.

Car and identity theft are escalating, vandalism to sporting fields and buildings, public transport and public property, thieves entering private residences and businesses, desperately seeking easy cash, with weapons such as knives, screwdrivers, syringes and even guns [some fake], we've seen it all, especially once school's out for summer!

Expensive anti-crime technology is but a deterrent, not a security guarantee.

What kind of society are we becoming, when the elderly are afraid to go out alone, children roam the streets late at night and generations think having a good time is to become so unconscious they forget their manners, become violent and can't remember a thing?

Parents are often too involved with their own agendas to notice their offspring.

Growing up with dysfunction has taught some nothing about what a healthy home life is.

With addiction and dysfunctionality often the norm, violence is also normalised, with children learning what they live.

Many would rather be out and about, than to stay home with conflict. Our communities become their shelters.

Children's peers are often their preferred role models, when their home lives are difficult.

They then are socialised by their own peer groups and the media, which isn't always healthy and productive.

When crime begins young, it leads to a downward spiral.

Without the wisdom of experience, children without the guidance of older generations become another statistic, sadly. And the cycle begins again.



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