ON THE JOB: Nine months on the job for Crs Joe Jurisevic and Sandy Bolton.
ON THE JOB: Nine months on the job for Crs Joe Jurisevic and Sandy Bolton. John Mccutcheon

Cr Bolton's pause for thought after nine months in office

IT HAS been nine months today since local government new chums - incoming Councillors Sandy Bolton and Joe Jurisevic - stood up at the Cooroy Memorial Hall and took their oath of office for the reborn Noosa Council.

Last Thursday after the September monthly meeting Cr Bolton observed wryly, when asked by the Noosa News about how they were coming along: "shouldn't there be a baby?"

What the two councillors, who both had prominent community profiles before being elected, have been gestating since those momentous vows of service on January 2, is some hard-won experience that only those in the inner sanctum of council's Pelican St, are exposed to.

But what the two quickly picked up, was that they are doing what possibly few newly elected councillors ever had the chance to do - be part of a new organisation elected to govern local issues and build it from the ground up.

The new Noosa Council, was thrown in the deep end of de-amalgamation having to pass a carry-over six-month budget almost immediately. And then they had to get cracking on the proper 2014-15 budget as well as start shaping Noosa policies and procedures that draw a distinction from the Sunshine Coast Council. After all, that was what the de-amalgamation fight north of the border was all about.

"I think the good thing is that within the first six months we've learnt more than probably councillors would get to learn within four years," Cr Bolton said.

"We had to know the background of everything, so it wasn't a case of just sitting and making a decision.

"We literally had to work through all the (council) workshops."

Intensive training is a term that springs to mind - a local government boot camp with a couple of hardened local government drill sergeants like Mayor Noel Playford and Deputy Mayor Bob Abbot.

Add to the mix new chief executive officer Brett de Chastel and their apprenticeship was always going to be prime-pumped.

"We've got to see things that other councillors wouldn't get to see because we've watched things established from the ground up (as part of a new council)," Cr Jurisevic said.

"Some of those things are normally already rolling along that you normally wouldn't see. Just the financial aspects of running an organisation like this, there's a lot to absorb there.

"We're probably learning some of the good habits (from the likes of Cr Playford, Cr Abbot and Mr de Chastel). If you want to spend, you have to justify the spend, which I think is a fair thing for anyone," he said.

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