CSG industry slammed for advert

THE nation's peak science organisation has hit out at the coal seam gas industry for an advertisement it aired claiming the CSIRO had shown ground-water was safe with CSG.

On Sunday, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association aired a television advertisement which clamed "CSIRO and government studies have shown that ground water is safe with coal seam gas".

The science agency released a written statement today rejecting the claims made in the advertisement, saying CSG was likely to pose a "low risk" to ground water.

It said the CSIRO was still researching the impacts of the industry on ground water, and while some impacts on aquifer levels were known, the research would continue.

But a spokesman for the gas industry released a statement which said all of the association's ads were "approved as factual by the independent advertising regulator".

The spokesman would not comment on the specific claims made in the advertisements, and did not say whether it would pull the advertisement as a result of CSIRO's concerns.

Greens Senator Larissa Waters seized on the CSIRO statement, saying scientists had not been able to establish yet the long-terms effects the industry had on aquifers.

"Any statement to the contrary is completely false," she said.

"APPEA must ditch their spin campaign and start being honest with people about the uncertainties and real risks of CSG to our land and water, and I look forward to their public apology for misleading Australians," she said.

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