The 33-year-old Mackay man pleaded guilty to wilful damage, contravening a domestic violence order and breaching a court order.
The 33-year-old Mackay man pleaded guilty to wilful damage, contravening a domestic violence order and breaching a court order. Brett Wortman

Dad bashes face on cell walls, smears bloody plea for help

A MACKAY father smeared a message in his own blood pleading for help after repeatedly bashing his face against the walls and floor of his watch-house cell.

The 33-year-old had been arrested by police for breaching a domestic violence order protecting his 95-year-old grandmother.

The man's mental health had been assessed by paramedics before his bloody outburst, but it was decided it was not necessary to take him to hospital for treatment.

Facing Mackay Magistrates Court via video from prison on April 13, the man pleaded guilty to wilful damage and contravening the order on February 28, as well as breaching community orders. We can't legally name the man.

While the man waited for his sentencing before Magistrate Damien Dwyer, a woman approached and waved hello through the video camera.

Prosecutor Nathaniel Gillis said police arrested the man for banging on his grandma's door about 11.50am, leaving the elderly woman "shaking and anxious". It came after the man was sentenced to a prison probation and community service order for stealing .

When the man was ferried to Mackay Watch-house he complained of illness, resulting in the welfare check. He was left in the "violent detention cell".

"While in the cell, police observed on watch-house CCTV the defendant collide his face with the walls and the floor of the cell, causing himself to bleed," Mr Gillis said.

"The defendant has then dripped blood onto the floor of the cell and then used his hands to place blood hand prints across the wall ... "

"The defendant then proceeded to smear the words 'can I please' ... and 'i am sick' onto the cell walls using his blood."

Police moved the man to another cell and noticed his face was covered in dried blood.

Defence solicitor Jordana Abela, of McKays Solicitors, said the man lived with alcoholism and depression, and had been trying to book into a dedicated rehab service.

She said her "very remorseful" client, who witnessed domestic violence as a child, had problems with his medication.

Ms Abela said the man went to his grandmother's house to apologise for his prior theft, but realised he breached an order.

The lawyer added the man wanted to live a healthy life and address addiction issues.

Mr Dwyer adjourned his decision to April 20.

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