A 10-year-old girl was left alone after she was missed in a school pick-up.
A 10-year-old girl was left alone after she was missed in a school pick-up. File

Dad says girl was left alone on street by after-school care

A BUNDABERG dad says he was left shocked after an after-school care service left his daughter alone on the street for 40 minutes.

Lee Trippier said his family had not long moved to the area from the UK and wanted to choose the best after-school care for their 10-year-old daughter, deciding on Acorn Child Care Centre's East Bundaberg service.

But one day last week an incident occurred where Mr Trippier's daughter wasn't collected from school by the centre.

"They were supposed to pick her up and everything was booked in," he said.

Mr Trippier's daughter waited outside her school but no one came.

"My daughter was basically stood there for 40 minutes on her own," he said.

Mr Trippier said it was only because a teacher noticed his daughter waiting on her own that Acorn realised what had happened.

"If the teacher hadn't have called them she could still be stood there now," he said.

"You put your trust into this company and we were paying this company to do the right thing.

"We want the best service and obviously we didn't get that."

Mr Trippier said Acorn had emailed him a letter of apology, but the situation had caused him to withdraw his daughter from the childcare centre.

"It's of no use to us as anything could have happened," he said.

"She wondered what was going on, she was a bit worried."

In an apology emailed to Mr Trippier, Acorn director Rachel Lynch apologised and said there had been a mix-up with the date of collection and the staff member in question had been issued with a written warning.

Ms Lynch told the NewsMail Mr Trippier's daughter was not at the designated school collection point, but admitted the driver made an error.

She said the driver went straight back once they were aware the girl wasn't in the vehicle and she was collected by 3.15pm.

"It was a human error, it was a mistake and we've now put different practices in place to stop it happening again," Ms Lynch said.

She said the facility had offered both a written and telephone apology to Mr Trippier and that Acorn considered the children in its care as a top priority.

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