There's not much red lipstick can't fix

THERE is not much in this world that a flash lick of red lipstick cannot fix. It's one of life's lavishly colourful cure-alls.

At the end of a particularly ick-some week, a friend and I decided it made perfect sense to immerse our good selves in some French cinematic fabulousness.

The movie was just what was required. A still, sensory delight. A moment of peace and thoughtfulness.

And a great opportunity to don towering heels and red, red lips with our jeans.

When you are pounded and pulled from pillar to post, demands made of you from every which way, it is wonderful to just be - even if only for a couple of subtitled hours.

The catharsis that ensues is nothing short of miraculous. And there is not a lipstick-stained glass of vino in sight.

This tremendous journey of being all-transpires as the result of a single, simple act.

It's something that can transform you from frazzled mother, furrow-browed career devotee or jack-of-all-trades to a still, mindful being standing in front of a mirror with the time and will to apply the right shade of red.

It's not the hue, the label or the fact it is matte, gloss or ColourStay.

It's not even the end result - although, goodness knows, get it wrong and you really get it wrong.

It's not about sex or the perfect pout.

And it's not about the effect said lip colour has been known to have on many an unsuspecting man.

In fact, in this case, it is all about us; the fact we wear red lipstick simply and purely because we can.

It's bold. It's bodacious. It's bolshy. It's beautiful.

Few things in life can make a tangible and mentionable difference to appearance and state of mind.

So embrace that bold hue of scarlet and use it to make fabulous that which God gave you.

Then step back. Behold. Breathe in. Breathe out.

And believe that in your lipsticked fabulousness, everything will turn out just fine.

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