De-amalgamation put aside, Coast and Noosa can work together

DISASTERS have a way of bringing often disparate groups of people together - and so it is with the north and south of the Coast.

Despite spending months dividing up assets for their formal local government split, the Sunshine Coast and Noosa councils are still committed to sharing their emergency responses to any natural calamities.

That is at least until 2015, when they plan to have their own disaster management plans in place.

The last Coast council, before de-amalgamation, unanimously supported the shared Local Disaster Management Plan 2014.

"Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Council have signed a memorandum of understanding to provide each other with disaster assistance should the need arise and to combine their local disaster-management plans for 2014 into a single document," Coast mayor Mark Jamieson said.

"The plan's primary focus is to ensure the safety of our communities. It aims to preserve lives and prevent injuries, to mitigate

property damage and to protect our environment.

"This combined plan has been brought about by de-amalgamation and both councils intend to have separate plans in by next year."

According to the latest SCC agenda, "the plan identifies actions to ensure an effective and co-ordinated response to a disaster event in support of our local communities, and the means to facilitate a speedy recovery and return to a safe and secure environment as soon as possible after a disaster.

"The plan integrates federal and state disaster-management arrangements and details how the district group can best provide assistance."

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