Deepak Chopra will speak at Palmer Resort, Coolum.
Deepak Chopra will speak at Palmer Resort, Coolum.

Deepak Chopra in touch with the mind’s potential

HE HAS been described by Time Magazine as "the poet-prophet of alternative medicine".

He is arguably the most famous and widely published author and speaker in the field of mind-body medicine and new age spirituality.

He is mentor to a who's who of Hollywood stars and world leaders.

He is a medical doctor, professor, scientist and founder of an international organisation which promotes and researches holistic medicine.

He has more than 1.82 million followers on Twitter.

And he is about to visit the Sunshine Coast for the first time - to speak at a weekend seminar - which will be his only Australian seminar in 2014.

He is, of course, Dr Deepak Chopra.

And the world's most famous proponent of Ayurvedic medicine took time out from his schedule to speak exclusively to the Sunshine Coast Daily about mind-body medicine, the Australian culture, the rise of mindfulness in western culture and the topic of his upcoming Coolum seminar - the three levels of human consciousness.


Daily: Thank you for taking the time to speak to us, Dr Chopra. You're the world's most recognisable expert in holistic health and spirituality. The upcoming July conference in Coolum is a massive coup for the Sunshine Coast. Have you been to our beautiful region before?

Chopra: I wouldn't say I was the world's most recognisable expert, rather one of the many individuals working in the field of mind, body, medicine. I have been to Queensland on many occasions but this will the first time on the Sunshine Coast.


Daily: As the author of more than 75 books, you obviously have an absolute wealth of material and wisdom to communicate. What will be the focus of the Coolum weekend seminar?

Chopra: What we experience as reality is dependent on the state of our consciousness. Consciousness conceives, governs, constructs and becomes the world you experience. Consciousness makes experience possible. There are three levels of consciousness - deep sleep, dreams and waking state. During the weekend, I will explain how we use our brain to create the reality we are experiencing and how the universal body and our body are one.


Daily: You have written widely on health, science and spirituality genres. How would you summarise your journey of learning and discovery?

Chopra: It's organic, it grows, it develops, it expands, sometimes it contracts but thankfully it expands again.


Daily: What is the message you are most passionate about communicating these days?

Chopra: I am most passionate about many things. At the moment my focus is on the science of consciousness. Science at the moment is at a crossroads. Science is based on empirical evidence. Science, however, maintains that the universe is mind independent, and yet insists on empirical evidence which is mind dependent.


Daily: What are your thoughts on the Australian culture and way of life?

Chopra: It's a wonderful country, one of my favourite places in the world to visit repeatedly. Your humour and lifestyle appeal to me greatly. I have so many close and dear friends who are Australians.


Daily: Like much of the western world, Aussies are mobile phone junkies. We carry our work and entertainment everywhere we go. What are your thoughts on our addiction to technology?

Chopra: Whenever there was a new form of communication, there has always been fear that those who embrace it become addicted. There was a lot of fear when the telephone was invented that no one would get off the phone and communicate face-to-face anymore. There was concern when television came into homes that no one would socialise anymore. If we embrace all new technology in a reasonable and balanced manner, it can only benefit us. My main message through all social media platforms is our body, our brain and our genes are influenced by us, conscious beings.


Daily: Our children now spend many hours a day in front of computer devices. Is this damaging their developing brains?

Chopra: It depends. If you ask a simple question "my brain", then you have to ask, who asked the question? Who is the "my"?

This short piece is worth watching: Change The Structure of Your Brain! Neuroplasticity - Super Brain:


Daily: Mindfulness training is becoming popular in mainstream media and in workplace training. You are a leader in the field of mindfulness and meditation. How would you suggest readers discover and apply meditation and mindfulness to their lives?

Chopra: Mindfulness is simple. It is contained in the moment that we are able to observe ourselves without any judgments. The choices are ours, healthier foods, happier and more joyful lives and appreciation for the present creates a mindful existence.



WHAT: Journey to Enlightenment seminar

WHERE: Palmer Coolum Resort

WHEN: Friday, July 18, to Sunday, July 20

TO BOOK: See or call 02 9669 4299 for more information

TO BOOK ACCOMMODATION : Call Palmer Coolum Resort on 54461234

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