Delilah the kelpie.
Delilah the kelpie. Contributed

Delilah's not in the doghouse

THE Big Brother house is the perfect place for party animals, and it seems an intruder from Ipswich has made herself at home.

In a Big Brother first which sent the housemates barking mad, Delilah the kelpie became the first animal intruder last night.

The excitable dog will appreciate the house's creature comforts, which will be a stark contrast to the terrible conditions she experienced as a stray.

Delilah's life has changed for the better since she was rescued by the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQ).

She was put up for adoption at AWLQ Ipswich in July, but was later selected to star in the reality TV show.

AWLQ's Brooke Whitney said Delilah's active and affectionate nature made her the best dog for the mission.

"We hope Delilah's placement will raise awareness about the importance of adopting from a shelter and encourage others to come and visit our centres," Ms Whitney said.

"There are dozens of dogs like Delilah who are looking for a family to love them."

Channel Nine said AWLQ had approved adoption applications for Delilah, but her future family would be chosen by the Big Brother housemates.



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