PET PIZZAZZ: Ryan Ironmonger (left), with his mother Robyn (middle) from Glamour Petz and customer Kellie Dutton.
PET PIZZAZZ: Ryan Ironmonger (left), with his mother Robyn (middle) from Glamour Petz and customer Kellie Dutton. Patrick Woods

Spoil your pet? You're not the only one...

KELLIE Dutton loves her dogs, and pampers them just as much as she pampers her own children.

With freshly cooked meals every night, and different coats for special occasions, Ms Dutton's adoration of her pets was obvious.

"They get different-coloured ears depending on the time of the year, like at Christmas they get red and green ears," she said.

"They have beach attire; they have sunglasses and hats and sun shirts to go down to the beach with."

With one of her dogs sick with Cushing's disease, she was trying to enjoy time left with both of her canine friends.

"When we go on holidays, we go on holidays with them, we don't leave them at home," Ms Dutton said.

It's the special relationship with her dogs that inspired the Banksia Beach resident to pamper them.

"I think they just give unconditional love and it's nice to come home to someone who is happy to see you and they just love you no matter what," she said.

A recent report from OneFlare, an Australian marketplace for hiring local service professionals, found pet businesses were the fastest-growing services in the country.

The report found services including dog training, dog walking, pet boarding, pet sitting and pet grooming had had huge growth since January this year.

Glamour Petz is a Bribie Island mobile grooming service and its demand is growing.

Groomer and second-in-charge Ryan Ironmonger said there had been a big increase in the use of its


"We've noticed a lot more groomers opening up around the area," Mr Ironmonger said.

"At first we were worried but it hasn't had an effect on us at all - if anything we're expanding," he said.

Glamour Petz also sells accessories, provides doggy daycare and works with domestic and farm animal homing, as well as working closely with a local vet.

"Now as part of our stock for the Bribie Markets, we sell socks for dogs and sunglasses for dogs and they're probably one of our biggest sellers," Mr Ironmonger said.

Pet Services

The fastest growing demand:

1. Dog training - 981.82 per cent growth

2. Dog walking - 443.14 per cent growth

3. Pet boarding - 441.38 per cent growth

4. Pet sitting - 347.37 per cent growth

5. Pet grooming - 263.84 per cent growth

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