ONLINE: Paul Roets and Kirk Dalgrin have just launched Noosa's first virtual restaurant, Barra Buoys.
ONLINE: Paul Roets and Kirk Dalgrin have just launched Noosa's first virtual restaurant, Barra Buoys. Caitlin Zerafa

Dive into this foodie first for Noosa

NOOSA'S first ever virtual restaurant has gone live and is set to take takeaway fish and chips to the next level.

Barra Buoys is the idea of chefs Kirk Dalgrin and Paul Roets who head the kitchen at Sunshine Beach's popular Off The Hook Takeaway.

The restaurant went live on Uber Eats on Monday and we are not talking normal fish and chips, this is gourmet seafood, delivered.

The Barra Buoys said they hoped it would offer something different to the local food industry.

"We are trying to keep it original but still comforting,” Mr Roets said.

"Our dishes, they are maybe not as traditional you you think. The closest we have to chips is sweet potato fries with chilli salt.”

The chefs, who both have extensive careers, have pulled all the stops, even with their side dishes.

"We've got whole roasted curry cauliflower with orange tahini and pickled onions and lentil sprouts (and) we've got buckwheat and we make a tabouli,” Mr Roets said.

"We are trying to fit in a bit for everybody.”

Passionate about what they cook, Mr Dalgrin said seafood was "subtle and wonderful”.

"We can choose whatever we like to cook but we choose seafood because of the luxuriousness of it,” he said.

"We also think there is more variety.”

"You can have a different fish everyday of the year. Hopefully we can help people be aware of the different types of seafood,” Mr Roets added.

Sustainability is also at the forefront.

"We choose what we think is sustainable and we use resources available to regulate that,” Mr Dalgrin said.

"If you are eating from the Barra Buoys you are helping that industry as well.”

He said they try to use every part of the seafood, making stock out of the bones, and are careful to use environmentally friendly packaging.

Barra Buoys have been overwhelmed with feedback so far and hope to grow.

"Off the Hook is dealing with one part of the market so we are hoping with Barra Buoys we can tap into another part of the market and grow it,” Mr Roets said.

"Our foundation is food and that's what we are going to rely on. If we deliver a strong food offering we can slowly figure out the rest.

"We are excited and we hope to grow it into premises one day, that is my goal and dream.”

Barra Buoys is available on Uber Eats from 4.30-7.30pm every day.

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