A SUNSHINE Coast man who bit down on a police officer's arm and shook his head in a
A SUNSHINE Coast man who bit down on a police officer's arm and shook his head in a "tearing motion”, has been released on back into society. Trevor Veale

DOG ACT: Coast man's violent attack on cop

A SUNSHINE Coast man who bit down hard on a police officer's arm then shook his head in a "tearing motion" is now eligible for parole.

When police arrested him on May 29, 2017, John Raymond Wilks, 27, attempted to kick in and headbutt the glass of the police wagon while driving along Buderim Avenue at speed.

It forced the pair of officers to stop the car and deal with the "violent" Wilks.

While handcuffed, Wilks managed to undo his seatbelt and tried to leave the vehicle.

Putting his leg between the open door in an attempt to get outside, Wilks then bit the arresting officer, once on the back, then on the arm in a vice grip-like manner.

He sunk his teeth into the officer's flesh and moved his head from side to side, drawing blood and permanently scarring him.


It caused the officer immediate swelling and reduced the movement in his fingers.

This afternoon, the father of two, pleaded guilty in the Maroochydore District Court to three counts of serious assault of a police officer.

His mother, brother and sister sat behind him in court as support - metres away from the officer who was bitten.

Crown prosecutor Aleksandra Nikolic told the court Wilks had served all bar 11 days of a suspended sentence.

Defence lawyer James Benjamin told the court of Wilks "poor upbringing" and sought an immediate release on parole with the sentence.

The court heard of criminal history spanning two states, dating back almost 10 years.

Judge John Robertson called the act "antisocial and violent" behaviour which would have caused the officer distress.

"Police do a vital job in protecting the community, and are entitled to feel the court and community support," Judge Robertson said.

"You assaulted him in a degrading way while they attempted to subdue you. You bit his arm and moved it in a tearing motion."

For all three charges Judge Robertson handed Wilks an 18-month prison sentence to be served concurrently.

Wilks was remanded in custody with a parole eligibility date set from today.

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