Dog owner takes protest against ban to beach

Tim Haight wants to be able to take his dog Bear for walks on the beach again.
Tim Haight wants to be able to take his dog Bear for walks on the beach again.

A MOOLOOLABA dog owner is hoping that others will join him for a protest walk in a bid to get dogs allowed back on the beach.

Tim Haight said he was "upset" when he saw that council had banned dogs "on the quiet" from Mooloolaba Beach.

"The law came into place in September but my wife and I first found out when we took our dog down to the beach and someone said that we weren't allowed to do that," he said.

"We were surprised but they pointed at the sign that said so.

"I started to investigate and I was told that it was advertised in the paper and I was underwhelmed by that process. I know that anytime they're planning on building a pub or anything else they have to put up a proper notice so I thought they would have put that up at the beach because it's the place that was going to be affected."

Mr Haight said he'd met "tonnes" of people who also felt that they weren't properly made aware by council.

"The more people I talk to the more upset I become that it's been done on the quiet," he said.

"My big issue is that we've got a council making decisions like this without consulting the public and then ignoring public outrage."

Mr Haight said he also felt that the dog ban was "lumped in" with other issues at the council meeting so that it was dismissed.

He said he was hoping other residents would bring their dogs and walk with him on Saturday, December 10 at 9.30am near the dog ban area at the Mooloolaba Spit.

A council spokesman said despite the outcome of the protest walk, there was no plan to change the ban.

"This issue has been reconsidered by councillors at the last council Ordinary Meeting with a vote in favour of continuing the current local law. There is no plan to reconsider for a second time."

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