A TERRIFYING dog attack at Golden Beach on Sunday has left a small rescue dog with holes in his cheek and jaw, and led residents to demand dog owners take responsibility for preventing violence in public spaces.

Golden Beach residents Stephen and Cheryl Hassan were taking a stroll on Sunday morning when their small rescue dog Fushi, a shar pei, was set upon and "ripped into" by an unrestrained black cross-breed.

The couple had noticed a man and woman throwing a ball into the water for a cattle dog and a black kelpie/shepherd cross, neither of which were on leads, Mrs Hassan said.

Dogs at the popular beach were required to be on lead at all times, and the Hassans decided to skirt around the dogs, giving them a wide berth.

The cattle dog came over to Fushi, and after the owners refused to call their dog back the large black dog launched at him "in full attack mode", Mrs Hassan said.

"This black shepherd just came running towards my shar pei and ripped into his neck and face," she said.

Cheryl Hassan's dog was attacked by another dog while walking at Golden Beach on Sunday. Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily
Cheryl Hassan's dog was attacked by another dog while walking at Golden Beach on Sunday. Photo: Warren Lynam / Sunshine Coast Daily Warren Lynam

She screamed at the top of her voice, while vicious dog's owners simply watched and Mr Hassan tried to pull the dogs apart.

"They didn't move an inch," she said. "They just sat there."

Her husband wrestled dog off Fushi, but not before his face and jaw were punctured. The rescue dog had only been 12 months in their care, and was "terrified" and "traumatised" by the attack, Mrs Hassan said.

Just when they thought it was over, the dog returned and attacked again. The couple again refused to put their dog on a lead, she said.

She said the owners of the black dog "eventually" restrained it.

"We went to take off with my dog, and I just collapsed on the beach," Mrs Hassan said.

She had been in hospital receiving coronary care until four months ago, and when she doubled over at the beach her partner worried she was having another heart attack, Mrs Hassan said.

"It doesn't matter if it's a pekingese or a great dane, it should be under control. You can't risk that," she said.

"If that was a child with that dog, that child could have been mauled to death."

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Like many victims of dog attacks, Mrs Hassan now feared another attack and would think twice before walking in public spaces.

"I've never been involved in a dog attack before," she said. "I've read all that stuff but you don't know what to do when it does happen. I was just screaming."

If her partner hadn't been with her on Sunday, her dog would have been "ripped apart", Mrs Hassan said.

She was angry and felt helpless, Mrs Hassan said. Because of her medical condition, another dog attack would be risky for her own health as well, she said.

Mrs Hassan reported the incident to Sunshine Coast Council on Monday.

"We want to encourage them to patrol more and go along and find these dogs that are off leash, and give them fines - make them responsible," she said.

Off-leash areas were important and she wanted to see more of them on the Coast, but said educating dog owners was the main challenge.

"If that dog was on a dog beach it would still have attacked someone," she said.

On Sunday Mrs Hassan took to Facebook to warn dog owners who could not recall their dogs to keep them on a leash.

"If you cannot (sic) recall your dog, under no circumstances (even on leash free areas) should your dog be off a leash. My rescue dog cannot (sic) be recalled so until he can, he is always on a leash," her post said.

"My message is simple - be 'responsible dog owners'."

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