Rikesh Ram has proposed driverless electric vehicles for Springfield.
Rikesh Ram has proposed driverless electric vehicles for Springfield. Rob Williams

"Driverless bus no competition for us"

A SPRINGFIELD driverless electric vehicle manufacturer has welcomed the driverless bus trial happening in Springfield this week.

Australian Electric Infrastructure Transport (AEIT) CEO Rikesh Ram wants to create an independent, driverless Greater Springfield bus or tram public transport system and said the current bus trial was a great educational tool.

"The driverless bus trial in Springfield is just a demonstration of what having an autonomous transport system could look like," Mr Ram said.

"It's not in competition with what we are proposing as we would operate as a public transport system, whereas this is just limited to transport within a private area.

"We are hoping to launch our system by Christmas this year, if not before, so watch this space."

French company EasyMile is responsible for the driverless bus trial being held in conjunction with Ipswich City Council and business development and project delivery manager Adwait Kale said it was an opportunity for people to test the waters of autonomous transport.

"We wanted to display the future of transport and the ease of mobility for passengers," he said.

The driverless bus trial is on at John Nugent Way, Springfield Central until Saturday.

To read more about the trial, click here.

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