Drivers say diesel is "too damn high!"

FRUSTRATION over the wildly varying price of diesel fuel on the Sunshine Coast is unlikely to abate, with the small number of those relying on it unable to force competition in the market.

Numerous Daily readers have expressed dissatisfaction with diesel price discrepancies, and want an explanation for the often 10c difference on any given day between Coast fuel providers.

Buderim resident Robert Chaplin said he thought the discrepancy was worth investigation as he had noticed there was sometimes 20c difference between suppliers since "at least" December.

"I buy a lot of diesel, and this is not fair on locals or tourists," the diesel driver said. "I've got earthmoving equipment too, so I spend at least $2000 a month on fuel and it makes a big difference."

Mountain Creek's Carol Fraser also wrote to the

Daily looking for a resolution to the problem, citing a regular 15c discrepancy despite providers being within a small area of one another.

"I suggest all diesel car owners boycott the service stations on the coastal strip as we are being ripped off dramatically," she said.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said the best bet was to shop around to find the best price in their area.

"Diesel prices have been too high around Queensland lately, not just the Sunshine Coast," she said.

"We don't have the demand for diesel like we do for unleaded, as only about 5% of Queenslanders use diesel and around 66% of motorists use ULP.

"We don't see the level of competition that we do for unleaded.

"(Yesterday's) average on the Sunshine Coast for diesel was 132. We think that fair price should be 125.7."

Ms Smith noted Puma fuel provider at Glasshouse Mountains Rd and in Kunda Park on Maroochydore Rd yesterday morning offered diesel for 123.9.


  • Puma Kunda Park, 584 Maroochydore Rd, 122.9
  • Puma Caloundra, 30 Bowman Rd, 129.9
  • 7 Eleven Maroochydore North, 53 Aerodrome Rd, 138.9
  • 7 Eleven, Nicklin Way, Warana, 135.9

- RACQ Fair Fuel and MotorMouth

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