Court hears man who wielded saw was lucky not to be shot

A BUNDABERG man who went on a "bizarre" rampage in which he used a saw to terrorise people at Moore Park Beach was lucky not to be shot by police.

Patrick James Rogers, 25, has been custody since the incident on Saturday and pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to a number of charges including going armed to cause fear and dangerous driving.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Rogers' strange behaviour began when he stole two bottles of Jack Daniels from the Moore Park Beach tavern on Saturday.

From there he pulled up behind a woman in her car as she arrived at her Pandanus St home, insisting she give him her car for "insurance purposes", despite him already having a vehicle and never having met the woman.

When she and others urged Rogers to leave and locked the gates behind him, he warned it would not keep him out and to ram through the gates before taking off.

Sgt Stevens said shortly after that Rogers was spotted throwing a bottle into some bushes and when a witness told him to pick it up, he became aggressive, brandishing a saw and screaming at him.

"Thirty minutes later, the defendant approached two backpackers," the prosecutor said.

"He started waving the saw towards them in an aggressive manner."

He started waving the saw towards them in an aggressive manner.

When the pair did not hand over their keys at his request, Rogers began hitting their car with the saw before running away, only to return when police arrived and were speaking to the two travellers.

Rogers approached the backpackers holding the saw and ignored police warnings to stop, eventually having to be tasered and arrested.

The offences on Saturday came after Rogers lost his licence the weekend before when he crashed his work vehicle while drink-driving, causing him to lose his job.

"He accepts this is all really quite bizarre behaviour," solicitor Mary Buchanan said of her client's actions.

Ms Buchanan said her client was a 25-year-old with a solid work history who was going through a difficult period due to the breakdown of a relationship, losing his job and mourning the anniversary of his father's sad death.

"This behaviour is so bizarre and indicates, in my submission, he's had some sort of drug or alcohol-related break down," she said, noting that both Rogers and his family had said how far out of character the incident was.

Magistrate Deb Vasta said Rogers had gone on an "absolute bender" after finding out he lost his job.

"He's very lucky that tasers exist or he would have been shot," Mrs Vasta said.

"I bet you wish you could wind the clock back by two weeks."

Rogers was sentenced to nine months imprisonment with immediate parole.

"You terrorised the people of Moore Park Beach," Mrs Vasta said.

"You terrorised these members of the public threatening violence calculated to instil fear in them in order to get what you wanted which was their vehicles."

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