Easter = Your untapped capabilities revealed!
Easter = Your untapped capabilities revealed!

Easter means your untapped capabilities revealed

Perhaps the Easter message doesn't feel relevant to you, but you do look forward to the chocolate bunnies and the four-day holiday weekend.

Or does Easter make you fixate on the difficulties of life and the troubles in this world, despite what you've heard about Jesus' resurrection?

It's worth considering Easter and Jesus' resurrection from the dead after his crucifixion in relation to what recent health research is telling us, because it may lead to your better health and greater happiness here and now.

Instead of viewing this event in history with sadness or disbelief, it should be a beacon of hope that we need not fear the change called death … that there really is such a thing as life after death … maybe even life instead of death.

A 19th century thought-leader and researcher into how our thoughts affect our health, Mary Baker Eddy, wrote in Science and Health, "The universal belief in death is of no advantage." She also suggested that our expectation about our ultimate future has a very real impact on what's happening here and now in terms of both mind and body.

The evidence today is adding weight to her stance that our beliefs about death influence our health. Studies report that fear of the future can affect everything from blood pressure, to heart rate, to mental stability. By some estimates, the stress underlying these conditions accounts for more than 60% of all doctor visits.

However, growing numbers of thinkers understand that we are not just material organisms. There is new recognition across the sciences of our mental and spiritual nature.

Many also have a much better appreciation of our relation to the divine these days, including our identity as spiritual beings, all equally loved and unfettered by religious differences.

Jesus said, and significantly demonstrated, that it was love and forgiveness that brought peace, health and happiness in societies and individuals, and that leads to change for the better, both here and hereafter.

He also showed us the most health-effective way to think and act, and he demonstrated the illusory nature of death, raising several individuals as well as himself from the dead. Easter is the perfect time to investigate details and explanations of those proofs more fully.

Have you considered that if everyone understood that their real, spiritual self or consciousness lives forever, that alone would destroy most fears, raise our standard of health and make us more joyful and less competitive? Eddy thought so, giving us a key to understanding Jesus' relationship to God, his proofs of that relationship and explaining the "how-to-do-it-yourself" in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (Amazon.com).

It's likely that considering the possibilities of eternal life may challenge your assumptions about Easter's significance. However, the potential payoff of better mental and physical health, here and now, could be profound and enduring.

Kay Stroud writes about consciousness, health and spirituality for the APN network and practices Christian Science healing. Contact her via www.health4thinkers.com

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