IMPROVED: Cameraman Chris Peckham (left) with mentor Peter Chenoweth.
IMPROVED: Cameraman Chris Peckham (left) with mentor Peter Chenoweth. Geoff Potter

Engaging with expertise to boost some business activity

NOOSA Chamber of Commerce Mentor/Mentee program continues to grow as business people from a wide variety of backgrounds put up their hand for a chance to extend their entrepreneurial skills.

So far 80 businesses have been involved in the ongoing process.

One of those is former Channel 9 cameraman and ABC TV director of photography Chris Peckham. Chris joined the program after his wife identified the affordable business opportunity as one not to be missed.

Chris manages his media business from his Boreen Point home. He knew his strengths were on the creative side, but work was needed in the marketing and cash flow departments.

His wife wasted no time.


"She gave them a call and

signed me up," Chris said.

Six months later the Peckham family are reaping the results of the partnership between Chris and his Noosa Chamber of Commerce mentor Peter Chenoweth.

Their meetings started on a weekly basis and gradually changed to fortnightly. The contact has enabled them to shape a sound business structure with features that can easily be adhered to.

"Peter keeps it simple," Chris said. "He has helped me focus on the data I have and gone from there."

A time management examination has seen him change job time slots, identify and better service top clients, research new markets and develop a three year vision plan.

For Peter, the role of mentor offers its own rewards including contact with 13 other mentors on a fortnightly basis.

He said it's unusual for a program of this type to have such regular meetings, and attributes this to a good deal of the program's success.

The mentors share a wide base of business expertise, from areas as diverse as international IT companies to small business owners.

He said the meeting's agenda included identification and discussion of issues, problems and business trends.

"As mentors we learn from each other," he said.

"But," Peter said, "we are not consultants advising businesses.

"As mentors we are there to help mentees help themselves."

Chris Peckam said he liked the approach.

"They ask the right questions and get us to find the answers."


Noosa Chamber of Commerce Mentor program

This is a voluntary business mentoring service for small businesses, with mentors drawn from the business leaders now retired or semi-retired with two hours to spare a week.

The cost to the business being mentored is $200 for one year, and you are required to become a member of the Noosa Chamber, which is included in that charge.

You may be matched with a number of mentors over that year, depending on your needs.


Chris Peckham. Facebook: https:// Australia/178553402182927

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