Katelyn Le Roux has helped plenty of groms get sponsored.
Katelyn Le Roux has helped plenty of groms get sponsored. Contributed

Entrepreneur helping Coast groms get sponsored

FOR up and coming groms on the Sunshine Coast securing a sponsorship deal can make chasing the professional surfing dream a lot easier.

That's why Coast entrepreneur Katelyn Le Roux has created a business dedicated to finding keen young surfers sponsors.

"I'm a photographer and videographer and my original idea was to make sponsorship videos for kids to promote themselves. I thought if a kid had a professional clip then that was the best way they could get sponsored,” she said.

"Then one family came to me and said they really wanted to learn how to approach the sponsors and that's when I came up with Grab A Grom.

"Grab A Grom teaches them how to get sponsored. If the kid lives locally then I come and do a session with them or if they aren't I do a session on skype and mentor the kid and parents and teach them how sponsorship works.”

Katelyn said a lot of the time it was teaching the kids how they should behave and commit in order to achieve their dreams.

"My main focus is always why do they need to get sponsored. If you start with that question then you can work backwards. You go back to the basics where the kids want to get sponsored to get cool free products and travel and be supported to do that.

"Then I make sure that the kids are happy and that they really love surfing. Then we talk about how you get those things that you want and we touch on doing chores and being a good kid and how that if you are a good kid and do your chores then your parents will pay you pocket money and eventually if you're good for sponsors they'll do the same thing eventually.”

Katelyn said she'd seen plenty of success after families went through her training sessions.

"I've got a four-year-old that I've been working with and obviously he doesnt really know what's going on too much but we always talk about what he needs to be a good boy and become a good surfer. He's now onto his fourth of fifth sponsor.

"A lots of my kids have gotten sponsorship and start small but then want to chase bigger brand sponsors and are nervous to approach so I can help them too.”

Katelyn said she was currently focused on surfers but wanted to get involved with skateboards and wakeboarders too.

She said kids interested in finding out more could go to grabagrom.com and fill out the form on the get started page.

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