Ex faces trial over brother’s stabbing

A WOMAN who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend's brother during a party at Goomburra last year faced the first day of her court trial in Warwick yesterday.

On April 13 last year Duncan Dukes was celebrating his 35th birthday at the Clifton Arms Hotel with his brother Ian Dukes.

The court heard Duncan and Ian had been at the pub from about lunchtime. Duncan claimed he was drinking soft drink while Ian was drinking pots of low-strength beer.

Later in the afternoon, the accused, Angela Haynes, Duncan's then-girlfriend, and Zeita Thomas arrived at the hotel. About 4.30pm that afternoon Duncan and Ms Haynes headed back to Ian's property on Halls Rd, Goomburra to continue the party.

A friend, Nathaniel Simpson, also known as Crusty joined the pair for drinks.

The court heard it was about an hour later Ian and Zeita joined the party.

Crown prosecutor BM White continued to give the jury an overview of the case.

"The party seemed to be going well until Angela made some comments about Ian's daughter and pulled out cannabis," White said.

"Angela then allegedly punched Ian in the face and came back with a knife and stabbed him."

The court heard it was the jury's job to decide whether Ms Haynes intentionally stabbed Ian, whether it was an accident or if it was a case of self-defence.

The crown's first witness, 56 year-old Ian Dukes was called to the stand.

"Everything was normal at the party until I got into an argument with Angela," Ian told the court.

"She said my daughter was pregnant to her boyfriend's father.

"She then pulled out marijuana and I told her to p**s off because I didn't want drugs on my property."

Ian told the court Ms Haynes punched him in the head.

"My brother Duncan tried to intercept, she disappeared into a caravan and came back out with a knife.

"I didn't see the knife but all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my left side."

Ian said his brother drove him to meet the ambulance at the Allora Service Station. He was taken to Warwick hospital and transferred to Toowoomba where he stayed 10 days. The defence lawyer J Bailey highlighted that Ian had been drinking heavily at the pub before heading back to his property and thought it was fair to say he was intoxicated.

Bailey said the tension had allegedly started between Ms Haynes and Ian on the Wednesday night before.

The defence said Ms Haynes had been staying on Ian's property with her former partner Duncan. While Duncan was out playing lawn bowls Ian supposedly touched Angela's leg and came onto her. Ian denied these allegations.

At this stage during the trial Ian became frustrated and said he never attempted to touch Ms Haynes and only told her to "f*** off and pack her f***ing gear and get off my f***ing property".

Bailey continued with what he suggested happened on the night.

"You had been picking on Angela, calling her names like dog, s**t, f***ing whore and the like," he said.

"Then the man known as Crusty decided it was time to leave and Angela said she wanted to leave with him.

"Angela walked into the caravan to get her things and was followed by Ian and Duncan telling her she couldn't leave."

Bailey continued to tell the court Ian was pulled out of the caravan by Duncan and when Ms Haynes walked out he backhanded her.

The court heard Ms Haynes punched Ian and he backhanded her again while she retaliated with another punch. The defence said Ian pushed Ms Haynes and fell on top of her and that was how he received the stab wound. Bailey said Ms Haynes called 000 after she got up off the ground.

The court then heard from Duncan Duke.

The trial continues today; watch out for more coverage in tomorrow's paper.

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