Expert questions job expos

UPCOMING job expos need to offer intensive re-training opportunities for Queensland's sacked public servants , according to a business expert.

Associate Professor Charles Arcodia, from the Griffith Business School, also questioned whether the expos - in Brisbane, Townsville and Ipswich-Logan, and the further 30 workshops across regional Queensland - should be restricted to sacked public servants.

He said while such events could be wonderful, he questioned what employment opportunities existed for sacked administrators and bureaucrats.

Mr Arcodia said the Federal Government must tailor the events for both job and re-training opportunities.

"We are talking about wholesale sacking and an event, in itself, cannot create jobs," he said.

"What it will do is connect potential employers and people looking for work.

"It will also act as a test for what jobs are available and how likely they are to be filled by sacked public servants."

About 14,000 Queensland public sector positions were cut in the Queensland budget handed down last week.
Federal Employment Minister Bill Shorten has announced $850,000 to help workers find new jobs and non-government organisations which lost state funding.

But Mr Arcodia said the typical public servant skillset, though useful, could be rather narrow.

"I imagine the people who have the best chance of finding new employment will be those who have skillsets from previous occupations or different careers," he said.

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