International Kissing Day is on July 6.
International Kissing Day is on July 6.

Experts explain: Why kissing is so meaningful

WE are biologically wired to seek out human contact and there is no more powerful way to do that than to kiss somebody.

Sunshine Coast Clinical Psychology and Mind Body Resilience psychologist Samantha Clarke said kissing was so important to humans for several reasons.

“Firstly, it is one way that we can have true intimacy,” she said.

“Biologically, so many things happen as a result of kissing.”

First of all, there are 10,000 nerve receptors in our lips, so when we kiss there is so much sensation as a result.

Secondly, there are a number of hormones released when people kiss.

“One of the main ones is oxytocin and in the world of psychology there has been more investigation into this of late,” Ms Clarke said.

“This is the main hormone for connection, when we kiss we release oxytocin, making us feel relaxed but also bonded to the person we are kissing.”

Because people are in such close proximity to the person they are kissing, they are exchanging pheromones, which is another hormone linked to influencing others.

“If we like each others pheromones, this will increase the sexual connection and bond,” Ms Clarke said.

“Therefore kissing is a way that we can find our if a mate is meant for us or not and also enables us to build a connection and bond.”

Although lip interpreter Janine Hall said there was no golden rule to ensuring you get a perfect intimate kiss every time, but it was all about practice and learning more about your partner.

“My first kiss with my husband wasn’t that amazing,” she revealed.

“But I knew I wanted to work at it and we found that chemistry. I have been kissing him now for 20 years and I still enjoy it.”

Ms Hall said while so much thought went in to thinking about how, who and why you want to kiss, you should also know there were rules around when you shouldn’t kiss someone.

“You should never kiss any one with cracked and sort lips, especially if you have cold sores. Not even if you’re familiar with them,” she said.

“When giving a friendship kiss or greeting hello, you should go to the non-dominant side which is often the left hand side.

“I say keep left to avoid a head-on, or awkward kiss.

“Lastly, make sure you don’t have bad breath or a cold, as this can be rather off-putting to the other person.”

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