EXPLAINED: Why fish are dying in this popular pond

Dead fish have been surfacing at Alex duck ponds.
Dead fish have been surfacing at Alex duck ponds. Kathy Sundstrom

DEAD fish are being scooped out of one of the Sunshine Coast's most popular lakes on a daily basis as lack of rain causes worrying conditions.

The Sunshine Coast Council has signs up around Nelson Park Lake at Alexandra Headland, also known as the duck ponds, advising of the low water level.



Dead fish have been surfacing at Alex duck ponds.
Dead fish have been surfacing at Alex duck ponds. Kathy Sundstrom

When the Daily visited the site, council officers were seen scooping dead fish, believed to be mullet, out of the critically low pond.

It is understood this has to be a daily occurrence as the water level at popular facility near the ten-pin bowling alley was extremely low.

And with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting a scorching heat wave this weekend, more creatures trapped inside the lake could die.

Fresh water was barely visible between the grass and lilies and green gunk growing in the water when the Daily walked around the site..

The numbers of swans and ducks which normally frequent the area also seemed to be less than normal.

One resident, Jason Youd, believed he had seen a dead duck in the area in the last two days.

The council sign advised the low water level was due to a "prolonged period of dry weather".

"The lake relies on rainwater entering the stormwater network to fill the basin that also provides flood mitigation in the local area," it reads.

"Council is regularly monitoring both water quality and impacted wildlife at this location."

Mr Youd said "heaps fish were starving for air".

However, the Daily could only see the dead fish the council officers were removing from the site and there was no evidence of a dead duck.

Mr Youd said the site "smells and the council needs to clean it out".

While there was a smell, it was not overpowering.

The Daily has contacted the council for comment.

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