Police to provide warning on future bomb squad exercises

UPDATE 9AM: Police have offered to provide prior notification of future bomb squad exercises in the Ipswich area.

This follows several calls and messages to both police and the office of Goodna Councillor Paul Tully from concerned residents on Thursday.

Several explosions were reported by residents on the eastern side of the city through the afternoon.

Police confirmed that the bomb squad unit had been conducting exercises at a quarry at Rhondda Rd, New Chum.



6AM: Explosions heard across Ipswich's eastern suburbs yesterday were the result of police bomb squad exercises at a quarry in New Chum.

But Cr Paul Tully said the police should have notified the public about the exercises in advance after his Facebook page was bombarded by concerned residents in several suburbs wondering what the explosions were all about.

Police communications in Ipswich took several calls from mystified Ipswich residents.

Cr Paul Tully's Facebook page was inundated by residents in Redbank Plains, Bellbird Park, Collingwood Park, Karalee areas and across the river at Pinjarra Hills, all concerned about the blasts.

There were reports of houses being rattled and shaken.

Mel Clare said: "Hey Paul, are there explosions going off in Redbank Plains/Bellbird Park? Whoever is doing it could have sent out a few flyers so we weren't alarmed. My whole house is shaking. Thought someone was trying to get through the roof. I was scared."

Marilyn Beattie reported booms and shaking from as far as Pinjarra Hills to Karalee and Redbank. Cr Tully said residents should have been warned.

"There have been dozens of complaints that I have received and the police should have notified the public so that they were aware of the blasting," he said.

"Hopefully in the future they will advise people in advance."


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