Families reminded to cash in on Schoolkids Bonus

ABOUT 400,000 Australian families have until the end of this year to get online to ensure they get the Schoolkids Bonus, Families Minister Jenny Macklin said on Wednesday.

Ms Macklin said families would get a text message, email or letter from Centrelink this week to ensure they update their details with the government.

Eligible families include those on the Family Tax Benefit Part A, who would be able to get $410 for every primary school aged child and up to $820 for each high school student.

While the payment will go to a total of 1.3 million families, about 400,000 of those need to update their details with Centrelink to ensure they get the right amount.

"The next Schoolkids Bonus payment comes in early January.

"If you don't let Centrelink know your child is starting school next year, you could miss out on $410," Ms Macklin said.

"And if your child is starting high school we also need to know, so you can get the $820 high school payment.

"Christmas and January are a busy time for many families, so that's why we want parents to update their details now before the silly season kicks in."

Young people in school receiving Youth Allowance and others receiving certain income support or veterans' payments were also eligible for the Schoolkids Bonus.

To find out more and to update your details, wait for government notification, then go to: humanservices.gov.au/schoolkidsbonus

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