Family ‘devastated’ by neighbour’s letter about kids

A GOLD Coast family says they are "devastated" after receiving an anonymous letter from a neighbour complaining about "noise" made by their children.

The typed note said the "screaming, yelling and screeching" of the children was "beyond excessive".

"Neighbour, lately it has become quite unbearable to enjoy a peaceful dinner in our household," the letter said.


The anonymous letter sent to a Gold Coast family. Photo: Facebook
The anonymous letter sent to a Gold Coast family. Photo: Facebook

"The amount of noise emanating from your children is beyond reproach.

"Now I know kids can be a little loud when they get excited, but the amount of screaming, yelling and screeching is beyond excessive.

"Please respect your neighbours as we do to you. Concerned neighbour."

The parent who received the letter said they were unable to determine its author and were "devastated" by the contents.

"I am devastated to know we had upset our neighbours and went to visit them to apologise personally with my children," the person wrote on Facebook.

"Unfortunately they didn't write the letter and said they don't have any problem with noise coming from our house.

"I can not visit every house in the street, so I hope you read this.

"I want to let you know we are sorry. Our son has a condition and can be a little louder than your average child.

The family say they have been left “devastated” by the letter. Photo: istock
The family say they have been left “devastated” by the letter. Photo: istock

"I have been going through a lot personally and was trying to get the kids outside more and away from devices/screen time.

"We consider ourselves pretty approachable people and in future if the noise is too loud please come and knock on our door.

"We will be making extra effort to keep the kids from being too loud in the afternoon."

More than 350 people have commented since the parent's post was shared on the Gold Coast Community Facebook page yesterday afternoon.

"Let them be kids. Let them squeal, laugh and be happy. Make more noise," one person wrote.

Another said: "Fair enough. Kids have a good time but still show some respect for your neighbours. As for those people saying they are gutless for putting a typed letter into a letter box, maybe they were a bit worried."

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