LUCKY VEGAS: The Forsyth family, Caroline, Alex and Jesse, plus Misty, missed their cat Vegas.
LUCKY VEGAS: The Forsyth family, Caroline, Alex and Jesse, plus Misty, missed their cat Vegas. John Mccutcheon

Family in luck as cat let out the back - viva lost Vegas

IT COULD be a great little title for a children's adventure book - Vegas goes to Briz Vegas.

Intstead it became the scenario for a Noosa family drama involving the curious case of the disappearing cat that managed to use up a couple of her nine lives while laying low a long way from her Noosa Heads home.

But fortunately for the Forsyth family of mum and dad Caroline and Craig, their son Jesse, 6, and daughter Alex, 13, as well as Misty the dog, this missing cat caper had a happy, if somewhat drawn-out and anxious, ending.

Caroline noticed the often reclusive three-year-old Vegas was nowhere to be found around Tuesday. Possibly their last sighting was on Sunday.

"She spends a lot of time lazing around," said Caroline who reckons Vegas can be a little testy.

"When the cat disappeared, there was a part of me for the first few days that thought she's trapped somewhere.

"There was just no sign of her."

The fact Vegas's food was not touched confirmed her greatest misgivings, and so on Tuesday she posted the cat's photo on Facebook.

"Quite a few people in the area shared it," she said.

Craig, who was away for work in Perth for the week, would ring every night and ask if the cat had turned up.

And always there was an anguished "No!"

"She's very much part of the family - the dog and the cat get on really well together," Caroline said.

The mystery dragged out until Friday afternoon

"My husband got home on Friday, pulled up in the driveway about 4 o'clock. I said to my six-year-old Daddy's home and Craig thought I said kitty's home.

"As he got out of the car he heard meowing, and he said where is she?"

Then the family realised the meows were coming from the back of Craig's Navara dual cab - from under the canopy.

Judging by the mess in the back, the cat had been there since Monday, when Craig had parked his car at Brisbane Airport and flown out.

"She could not have got up to much mischief, but I'm surprised nobody reported it, because she would have been making a fair bit of noise," she said.

Caroline wasted little time in taking Vegas to the vet for a check up - this time placing her securely in a cat cage for the car trip.

The vet said Vegas had fairly dry gums, but was not greatly dehydrated. She has also been really nice to her family since she returned.

"My husband said she's used up one of her lives and I said it has to be more than that," Caroline said.

"I think definitely a couple of lives."

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