CRUEL ACT: Sooty the three-legged kitten was killed in a heinous act of animal cruelty in Oakey last week.
CRUEL ACT: Sooty the three-legged kitten was killed in a heinous act of animal cruelty in Oakey last week. Contributed

Family traumatised after three-legged cat cruelly killed

THE traumatised family who owns a three-legged cat killed in a shocking act of animal cruelty has vowed to find those responsible.

Eight-month-old kitten Sooty was found decapitated and dismembered wired to a vehicle in Oakey last week in what police suspect was a targeted attack.

The heinous act was described as one of the worst reported to the RSPCA and is now the subject of a police investigation.

But as the investigation is carried out, the owner of the black kitten with blue eyes has vowed to fight for justice and see those responsible charged.

Sooty's owner Dawn Osborne said she and her husband Brendan were at a loss to describe what happened to the beloved pet she described as a "member of the family".

"There are people out there who will say that he was just a cat, but he was part of our family," Mrs Osborne told The Chronicle.

"He was my baby."

Sooty lost a leg after his curiosity got the better of him when he was about two months old.

Mrs Osborne said Sooty jumped out a window and was attacked by one of the family's dogs but surgery managed to save his life despite a leg being amputated.

"Cats adapt amazingly," Mrs Osborne said.

"Our neo mastiff got a hold of him but thankfully we got him to drop him and took him to the vet who said they could save him.

"We had him inside for quite a while and ... he slept in our bed and got so close to my husband.

"They were thick as thieves - definitely part of our family."

A desperate search last Wednesday night failed to find any trace of Sooty who was known to wander no further than two houses away.

It wasn't until a stranger called Mrs Osborne on Thursday she learned what had happened, and was told to contact Oakey police.

"Police have been doing what they can," she said.

"They have been filling me in as much as possible and have been really great."

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty told The Chronicle last week the extent of Sooty's injuries were among the worst he had heard of during his time with the animal welfare agency.

He confirmed the RSPCA was investigating and working with police in relation to the matter.

Meanwhile Mrs Osborne took to social media to raise awareness of what happened to Sooty and appeal for information from the public.

The post on Facebook went viral at the weekend and had led to new leads, she said.

"I'm a big believer in justice," she said. "What they did to my animal ... they deserve to go to jail.

"I just really want to find the people that did this and I want proper justice."

Phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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