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Farm wind checks ordered in planning court

AN ANSWER to whether the Ridgewood intense chicken farm application wins its appeal to reverse a Noosa Council development refusal, will be blowing in the wind for the next 12 months.

According to opponents of the Milligan operation to raise chickens in sheds for Inghams, the Planning and Environment Court has ordered on-site monitoring of the Top Forestry Rd site for 12 months.

No Broiler Farm Cooroy co-convenor Rod Ritchie said the November18 order "provides for steps concerning further monitoring to be carried out by the applicant of on-site wind speed and wind direction".

This will take place at 10 metres above ground level, for 12 months.

The order application was filed by the Milligan legal team of Gantt Legal.

"By 30 November 2016, the parties proposing to call experts in the field of air quality attempt to agree on the required equipment and methodology for undertaking further monitoring," the order said.

The agreement must include "how it will be demonstrated that the sensors have been correctly installed".

There would be access to and appraisal of interim data obtained after three months.

Mr Ritchie said all parties are to agree to the relevant standards and requirements of the order.

"From the outset, we have maintained the need for further on-site data to allow for more accurate noise and air quality modelling, so we welcome this outcome," Mr Ritchie said.

"The West Cooroy community is determined to ensure that Noosa Council's rejection of the broiler farm application is upheld," he said.

The farming appeal will not head back to the courtroom until May6 next year.

This application was first recommended for refusal by the Sunshine Coast Council planning staff back in November 2013 and then later set aside for the newly reformed Noosa Council to deal with in 2014.

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