A force to be reckoned with: Paul and Blair.
A force to be reckoned with: Paul and Blair. Channel 7

A feast fit for a farmer: Paul and Blair safe on MKR

SURFER dads Paul and Blair are the new front runners of My Kitchen Rules after winning immunity tonight.

The Gold Coast teachers are safe from the next two eliminations, which will see two teams sent packing through a series of knock-out rounds.

The teams were asked to cook dishes for a group of farmers using their fresh produce as inspiration.

Well-travelled Perth mates Kelly and Chloe were absent from tonight's challenge because of an urgent family matter, leaving just six teams to compete for immunity.

While a beef farmer questioned Paul and Blair's cutting of his meat off the T-bone for their "dainty" beef and prawn wonton dish, the calculated risk paid off.

Judge Pete Evans called it the dads' "dainty dish", and said they have what it takes to win the show's grand final.

"With the food that you're producing out of your kitchen, you guys can win this competition," he said.

"I think if you want to go further in this competition you need to believe in yourselves."

Fellow judge Manu Feildel said while the dads are calculated in their decisions on the show, they know how to have fun and not take it all too seriously.

"They calculate everything they do, but they've got a great sense of humour," he told APN.

"If there's one couple I'd like to catch up with again, it's definitely those two."

Tonight's challenge also featured a Mexican tortilla stand-off between mums Bree and Jessica, fresh from surviving elimination, and Cathy and Anna.

While Cathy and Anna looked set to implode after taking on too much work with their crab tortillas, their persistence paid off.

The mother-daughter duo just narrowly missed out on winning the challenge.

Feildel called crab tortilla "splendid".

"It's like a little fine dining taco," he said.

"I thought it was crazy to choose crab, just the amount of work. You definitely pushed yourself with it. In this Mexican stand-off, ay caramba you won. The crab was perfectly sweet, well-cooked. It was just to die for."

The votes from the farmers helped to split the remaining six teams into two groups for the knock-out rounds, which start tomorrow night.

Group one consists of Josh and Danielle, Helena and Vikki and Chloe and Kelly, while group two is made up of Cathy and Anna, Bree and Jessica and Thalia and Bianca.

Tomorrow night, the teams in group one will face off in the first elimination. It will see the return of Chloe and Kelly and their rivalry with twins Helena and Vikki.


Farmers Challenge Dishes

Cathy and Anna: Crab tortillas with coleslaw and tomato salsa

Paul and Blair: Beef and prawns with pickled vegetables and Nam Jim sauce

Bree and Jessica: Beef tortillas with avocado salsa and lime chili mayonnaise

Thalia and Bianca: Lamb back strap with cauliflower puree and salsa verde

Helena and Vikki: Confit salmon with Nicoise salad and sweet potato rosti

Josh and Danielle: Asian pork with prawns on watermelon

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