MOTHER AND BABY: The postnatal relationship starts well before the birthing process.
MOTHER AND BABY: The postnatal relationship starts well before the birthing process. Wavebreakmedia Ltd

Feeling empowered is key when it comes to bonding with bub

NEW parents soon learn very little truly prepares you for the birth of your child, especially the first one.

But birth work facilitator Marnie Weule says women have enormous potential to create their births, even when things do not go according to "plan".

One of the most important aspects of unlocking that potential lies in empowering the expectant mother. To do that, Ms Weule has created a unique four-week course where she will offer techniques to assist a gentle and collaborative birth with their baby and birth partner.

"Finding a sense of relaxation and calm focus allows us to remain in a continuous partnership with the birthing baby," Ms Weule said.

"That is an extremely empowering way to birth, for all involved. It is important to slow down enough to recognise and acknowledge this powerful ability we have to create the births of our children."

She said expectant mothers were often overwhelmed with decisions surrounding their baby's birth and dealing with criticism around options such as home or water births, and elective c-sections could cause unnecessary strain on the new mum.

"This workshop is about honouring women's individual choices by giving them strategies that continue to support the most peaceful birthing process, no matter how they choose to birth," she said.

The workshop is called Create Your Birth and expectant mothers are invited to join each other for conversation and creative expression.

For two hours a week, over four weeks, the mums-to-be will design a birth plan, learn about the physiology of labour, birth itself and creating a sacred birth space.

"During the workshop, I will use ways to highlight the important interconnected relationship between mothers and their unborn child

ren, and offer them ways to enhance that bond," she said.

Throughout her life, Ms Weule has been involved with mothers and children under three years of age, through birth attending and teaching. She is also a mother of four boys and in her final year of study as an arts therapist.

"I have developed and implemented many supportive programs that nurture and honour those powerfully formative years," she said.

"So creating a birth preparation course is an extension of that, in that we go back to the beginning, and share the process and of birth and techniques to support and assist labour."



What: A four-week comprehensive childbirth preparation course.

Where: Peregian Beach

When: From May 2, 10.30am-12.30pm

Cost: $275

Contact: Marnie: 0448 952 263 or

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