KIDS’ TEST: Noosa Mayor Noel Playford says de-amalgamation must work for our kids.
KIDS’ TEST: Noosa Mayor Noel Playford says de-amalgamation must work for our kids. Contributed

Fighting for a better future is what March 9 is all about

Mayor Noel Playford:

WHEN I explain to people what I'm celebrating on this very first Noosa Independence Day, the question I ask myself is: "Does it pass the kids' test?".

Or - in my case "the grandkids' test".

Can I explain clearly to a six year old what the fuss is all about ?

Here's what I'll be telling my grandkids.

We're celebrating because we fought really hard to win back something that's important to us.

Our Noosa Council was serving us, protecting us and listening to us as only a local council can.

It was taken away from us unfairly, and so we battled for years to win back what was rightfully ours.

When we voted, more than four out of every five of us felt strongly the same way.

It wasn't just a council we were fighting for.

It was a future that we, the ordinary, local people, could control. We didn't want to live in an outer suburb of a city governed by people who don't live in Noosa.

We wanted this to be a place where we could still paddle and fish in the river in 20 years time and where we could enjoy the beautiful bushland that surrounds


We wanted a place where there was some kind of balance between the environment and the people living in it.

We wanted sustainable jobs, not ones that destroyed the place we live in.

We wanted to live in a place that we were happy and proud to pass on to our kids and grandkids.

Our council, both the elected members and the staff, are determined to live up to the high expectations Noosa people have of


All of us want to be able to explain to our kids and grandkids why this Noosa Independence Day was worth fighting for, and worth celebrating.

Happy independence


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