NO WAY: Noosa residents protest outside Sunshine Coast Council chambers in Nambour.
NO WAY: Noosa residents protest outside Sunshine Coast Council chambers in Nambour. John McCutcheon

Flight for Noosa's future hits turbulence

PROPOSED Sunshine Coast Airport flight paths have been likened to an aerial attack on Noosa's long-held values on "ecologically sustainable development”.

Noosa councillor Brian Stockwell has submitted his own scathing submission on the new flight paths over Noosa skies that claims threatens Noosa's "unique global brand”.

Cr Stockwell said these flights cuts across Noosa's underpinning principles of "setting limits on development and activities based on the concept of keeping both within the ecological and social 'carrying capacity' of our shire”.

His submission to Airservices Australia is separate to the Noosa Council's official response lodged before last week's April 30 cut-off.

"The pandemic of concern in recent weeks by residents in the vicinity of all flight paths is a clear indication that the community believes the proposals do not meet the traditional high standards for development and economy in Noosa,” he said in his response.

"Frequently voiced fears about the loss of peace and quiet, and the potential for environmental impacts on our lake systems, are just examples of the broader perception that the proposals threaten the bundle of coveted 'ecosystem services' that underpin both our lifestyle and our local culture and identity.

"The information and process to date have not demonstrated how the proposals comply with the shire's long-held aspirations, nor community expectations; and without further meaningful investigation and opportunities for public participation, they do not justify approval of the new flight paths,” Cr Stockwell said.

He said this issue has generated a level of community outrage equal to largest Noosa concerns of the past 30 years.

"The level of information regarding noise impacts is inadequate to allow an informed opinion to be made by those affected by the flight paths,” he said.

"If this was a local scale development application council staff would be working on information in a detailed acoustic engineers report and would be conditioning development measures to ensure activities would not exceed background levels by 5 dBA.

"The flight path information is far vaguer.”

The councillor said the process has taken a "cursory approach to environmental assessment in the Noosa Shire environs during the original EIS (environmental impact statement) process”.

"The current process has been unable to satisfactorily meet the community's genuine questions about biodiversity and water quality impacts,” Cr Stockwell said.

"It is desirable that the community has access to a more detailed investigation as to the potential impacts.

" For example, to develop a better understanding of pressures that may be placed on our local lakes systems, that include wetlands of national importance.

"Noosa residents should be able to rely on the Federal Government and its agencies to manage our air space in a way that achieves the same high sustainability standards that we endeavour to meet when managing our land and water resources.”

Cr Stockwell has called on 10pm to 7am flight curfew, as well as a comprehensive independent assessment of the social, visual, environmental and economic impacts on all affected communities in the Noosa Shire.

Cr Stockwell also requests an independent study of Noosa flight path noise levels.

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